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SD4.5 cleanup database

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SD4.5 cleanup database

We had a need to reduce the size of the database used by the SD. We want to remove (with backup of course) from DB records older than 2 years. Is it possible to do it without breaking the functionality of SD and how it will look to the user?

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Re: SD4.5 cleanup database

Hi Alex,


It is not supported to perform SQL updates, trunc or delete statements on the database, because of the relationships between objects in SD. Doing database updates directly that bypass the SD Application Server may corrupt your DB and bring it into an unsupported state.


The proper way to reduce the DB size is by "archiving". (System Panel > Archive Settings, cf. Online help)


SD's archiving function disconnects relations between Servicecalls, Problems, Persons, CI's, attachments, and so on, then delete the archived item(s) such as Servicecalls older than 2 years from the DB.


Archiving uses normal views with specific filter conditions to isolate old items, say "servicecalls where registration;modified <= 2 years ago and status Closed and FAQ = false"


Optionally, before archiving deletes old items, you can export the data to an XML file for a records retaining policy for example. In the archiving view, choose the important fields to be displayed and archived. Fields not displayed will not be archived.

Note that the resulting archive XML is NOT suitable for importing it back into SD using Data Exchange.


If you don't want to keep the old data anyway (you are 100% sure that the old data is worthless), and you will delete the XML file at the end, then

- make the archiving view display only the ID field, nothing more

- uncheck archiving of historylines & attachments.

This will make the archiving action relatively fast.


After archiving is complete, the users won't notice anything special, except that the old (archived and deleted) items cannot be found anymore.

If an old Servicecall 12345 was related to Problem 6543, then after the archiving of old servicecalls,

the user cannot open or search for Sc 12345. Problem 6543 will still exist, but won't have a reference to Sc 12345 anymore.


Besides archiving, you could delete old records manually in the client GUI.


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