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SD4.5 SLA result view


SD4.5 SLA result view

Hi gurus,

i need to add the SLA result view to the console view, preferably under SLM group.
can someone guide me on this? i tried copying the SLA result view in Administrative console (Presentation->Views->SLA Report Results) to SLA view, but failed to paste.
please help.

many thanks.

Mike Bush
Honored Contributor

Re: SD4.5 SLA result view

I'm afraid Views are complex objects and can never be copied from one object to another.

And - the SLA Report Results are seen as children of the SLA and can only be seen as a "set" on the form for an SLA.

Re: SD4.5 SLA result view

hi expert,

thanks for the response.
is there a way to extract these results per customer? or display as chart?


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event