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SD maintenance


SD maintenance

Hi all,

I have some queries about SD maintenance.
I would like to do housekeeping and fine tuning for my SD. but, i could not find any guide through the SD manuals.
Other than backup the db manually, what else can i do? i know that in OVO, there are some installation files can be deleted after OVO is installed. Is there such thing in SD?

Many thanks for your help.

Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: SD maintenance


one main thing to keep in mind is to check your serverlog.txt files. If they get to big they can affect the performance of the system. They do not automatically roll so this has to be done manually unless you script it (generally the app servers have to be stopped to roll the files).

Do you have e-mail debub switched on. This will fill up the log file quickly.
Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: SD maintenance

Hi there,

Mark's response applies to SD version 4.5; in version 5 there is some housekeeping of log files.



Re: SD maintenance

Thanks for your response.


do you mean i have to delete the log files manually?
Other than manually backup the db, is there any function in SD5 to backup the db like what is included in SD4.5 using command utility?

Thank you.
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