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SD instalation - DB creation error

Steve Urh
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SD instalation - DB creation error

I'm trying to install Service Desk on a server that already has Openview Operations for Windows and don't know if this is a problem, if it is, then my problems with the Service Desk installation are probably related to that, if it is not a problem then I need someone's help.

After installing I run the database configuration utility to create the new sql database, sql 2000 is already installed on the system via OVOW, but even though the SA account password is correct it allways returns an error with the user not being an administrator.

Any help on this issue ?

Thanks in advance.
Rajesh Nair
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Re: SD instalation - DB creation error


Check if sa login has access & administrator role to the servicedesk database by checking the setting in SQL SERVER ENTERPRISE MANAGER----->SECURITY.


Jonathon Druce
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Re: SD instalation - DB creation error

Also what SP have you got for SQL 2000? The non-sp'd version running on XP or windows 2003 will have certain functions of SQL shut down as there was a security issue that XP and 2003 block. Use SP4 for SQL 2000 to fix this issue.