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SD crashes when forms are changed/deleted

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Richard Fredrik
Honored Contributor.

SD crashes when forms are changed/deleted

As soon as I delete a form in the SD system panel or when i add/adjust fields in a existing form, AND save it, the sd client AND service desk server hangs.

When we then stop the service desk application server service manually (services.msc) we receive a Jview error message. (see attached)

Additional information:
- We have SD 4.5 with SP28.
- We already tried rebooting the server
- Nothing can be found in the logserver.txt

Does anybody know this problem, the cause, of can somebody help me troubleshoot?
Can i perform tracing on the SD server? of can i increase the log/trace level?

Thank you very much for your responses.

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Re: SD crashes when forms are changed/deleted

The error is not very helpful from Service Desk point of view, it is just an indicator that MSJview program (where SD runs over) has crashed.

When this issue occurs, do you see any errors either in the logserver.txt or logclient.txt?

You can start the SD client in DEBUG mode, then reproduce the error, see if the debug trace shows you something helpful (if it appears!!!).

To start the SD client in debug mode, edit the %SD_CLIENTHOME%\bin\sd_client.bat file and add the parameter /DEBUG (case sensitive)

Then, start the client by running this sd_client.bat file and reproduce the issue.

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager
The Pike
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Re: SD crashes when forms are changed/deleted

Does the form get deleted in the end?
Also, logserver.txt should contain exceptions/key violations reported by the database when attempting to delete those forms.

Are you performing these maintenance tasks after-hours when there is low usage? Preferrably in single-user mode... There could be cached data inconsistencies involved...

The Pike
Richard Fredrik
Honored Contributor.

Re: SD crashes when forms are changed/deleted

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your responses.

I will answers your questions below.

First of all i can't get the debug modus running. Can you please help me with that. I should see a screen when starting the server with loginfo, is that correct?
I tried the debug option several time in different situations, but it didn't work.

Further there are no error message in any logfile during the crash. This way it's very hard to find more information. Can i change the logging level somewhere?

After the crash the action on the form is not saved and therefore i need a solution.

Attached you will find some other errors that i found in the log. Maybe this has something to do with the problem (although these errors not arrive during hang).

Can somebody answer my question about the logging/trace and help me troubleshoot this problem further?

Thank you for your help.

The Pike
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Re: SD crashes when forms are changed/deleted

Hi Richard,

The "debug" mode... I think you are referring to the console window...? If that is the case, then it needs to be activated in the server settings editor (Show server status).

The appserver needs to be running as a program instead of as a service. There's a workaround to let the console window appear if running as a service but I don't recall it at the moment.

There are a bunch of Java OutOfMemory errors in the log file you attached. Make sure your appserver instance(s) are running with optimized JVM memory allocation parms.

You cannot change logging level for the Service Desk appserver. Only enable/disable Rule and E-mail Debug.

Again, I'd try such tasks in single-user mode.

Hope this helps.
Points (and pints) are welcome.

The Pike
Richard Fredrik
Honored Contributor.

Re: SD crashes when forms are changed/deleted

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately the SD server crashes when i try to run the debug mode of more logging :(

I'm going to perform a new installation and load the current database in there. Then i hope that this problem solved.

I will update you on the forum if these problems are solved!