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SD View Export Question

Marco Antonio G
Super Contributor.

SD View Export Question

Hi there...I was wondering if its possible to configure SD 4.5 so that when you export the results of a view, the CSV file had the "default name" of the actual view.

Example: If my view is called "All Open Software Calls", when I go to export the defaault name of the CSV file would be: "All Open Software Calls.CSV" as opposed to ServiceCalls.csv as it currently is.

Is it possible to configure something like this?

Thanks in advance!
Mark O'Loughlin
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: SD View Export Question

I am going from memory here but I think that in the options you can specify the default name that the export will have. In this case it looks like (x=extension). If this is the case then you can only if you export one view all the time - which may be unlikely.