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SD License

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SD License

Hi all,

When start SD client I've got a message.

"Maximum number of account (5) has been reached for the current license."

1. How is maximum number of accounts is 5 when I have 13 accounts (10 Named and 3 Concurrent)?
2. SD license have time limitation (2 month) or maximum number of account limitation?
3. How to fix that? (New license key or something else)


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Bosko Kecman
Van der Vennet
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Re: SD License

Hi Boskina,

1.Check in your licenses (admin - system panel - license) if the 13 mentionned licenses are correctly in: If it says that you have reached the max you are using all the available licenses.
2.If you have no bought the licenses from HP yet the validity is 60 days (i thought it has been changed to 90 days - to clarify), the application will ask for the license after this time period.

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Saurabh Dubey
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Re: SD License

Hi Boskina,

For max. license reached:

1. Check the implementation of licenses in Admin Console.

2. Check whether more than one session is running for the same user (sometimes sessions get stuck) through Admin Console -> Security -> Audit -> Logged on Users.

For lincensing issue:

1. Temporary licenses come with 60 day period.

2. In case you want an extension, buy new licenses. They come with no end date.

Hope this helps...


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