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SD & Intranet integration

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SD & Intranet integration

Is it possible to integrate the SD with the intranet so we can update some fields in the service call via inbound email by using intranet interface?
Thorfinn Thomas
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Re: SD & Intranet integration

Hi Marwa,

Yes, this is possible using the email commands.

You have to set up the HP OpenView Server to accept inbound email commands (System Settings -> Email settings). There you can define which email addresses are allowed to manipulate data via email.

With this functionality you can add, update and delete servicecalls, and also add history lines.

To update some fields, you send an email with "UPDATE 1001" (without the ") (update ) in the subject line, and attributes in message body, for instance:
Solution=This is how I solved the servicecall, bla bla bla

You can also offer the intranet users to retrieve a list of their own recorded issues, by using the command. This requires that the registered "Primary e-mail address" of a registered person in Service desk is provided as sender address, though. You might accomplish this using blat or a similar email program, and perhaps user authentication to avoid this being used as a spamming tool.

See Administrators Guide for more information on using the (inbound) email commands.

Thorfinn Thomassen