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SD DB, SQL to Oracel

Jake Burman
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SD DB, SQL to Oracel

ServiceDesk Guru's,

I'm am trying to convert from a SQL backend to Oracle. Has anyone done this?

Two approaches,
1. Use the db backup utility (does that work)?
2. Use Aces, and import the xml's in the super secret order that works?

Anyone done this? have any pointers?

Thanks for your help,

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Re: SD DB, SQL to Oracel


I have done it few times. Just run dbconfigwizard whith key /internal. Choose there maintain db, and then chose backup from SQL. After it go the same way to restore on Oracle DB.

But after moving this way check if everythink works good on Oracle DB. I had errors... I had problems in deletting entries from Service Desk. If after moving you'll have the same problem I'll tell you my solution (you'll have to rebuild DB).