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SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

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Michael Daly_2

SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

I have a SD 4.5(SP25) test system all on one server. I am trying to run the new SD 4.5 Client 2008 on this same server but I have problems when it starts and trys to immediately upgrade the client.

1. Can you run the Client 2008 on the server?
2. If not can Client 2008 co-exist on my desktop PC so I can point the Client 2008 to my test server, and have the old SD 4.5 client to point to my production server?

Thanks ...Michael Daly
Regular Collector

Re: SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

I understand from another post on this forum that Client 2008 is only available and working on SP23. It wil not work properly on SP24 or SP25. See answer from Tuur somewhere else on the forum.


Re: SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

It's indeed not possible to install client 2008 on SP24 or SP25. I have tested it myself to be sure.

HP is going to release an update of the client that supports sp24 & sp25.
This will probably be release together with SP26.

Client 2008 will be inserted with SP26 so if you want to use it you'll just have to wait (of downgrade your environment to SP24 :) )

Re: SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

Of course you understand that i mean: downgrade your environment to SP23 :P
Michael Daly_2

Re: SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

Thanks guys for your responses.

Another question then: Once SP-26 is released does that mean everyone will HAVE to use Client 2008?

Re: SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

There is not much information on client 2008 yet.

I can give you the following information on your questions:

1. Yes you can run the client 2008 on the server. IMPORTANT : Forced JRE/JDK 5.0 for SP26 or higher.
It's possible (and supported by HP) to run 2 Java version on one server in SP26! So you can keep the old version if that's used by other applications.

2. I don't think that it's going to work. I have tried this, but it gave problems. This is because client 2008 uses Java Virtual Machine version 1.5.0_14. It's automatically installed when you install the client.

Normally the first java version that's defined in the environment variables is used by the client. So if the old client uses 1.4.x and the new 1.5.x they both pick the same java version. This means that 1 is not working (properly)
In the installation manual of client 2008 you'll find that you must first remove the old client BEFORE installing the new one. So i think this answers your question.

Can you tell me if you have any other question about this that i can try to answer?
Michael Daly_2

Re: SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

Thanks Richard,

Any approx. time-frame for the release of the new Client 2008 software?

It seems very odd for HP to release a new piece of software for Service Desk 4.5 after they had released HP SD 4.5(SP-25) and the Client 2008 is only good for SP-23. A very frustrating tease, and signs of the dumb software release of HP SD 5. I think users will hold onto SD 4.5 for some time yet with the massive change to SM-7, so I hope HP can continue to support their trusted HP SD 4.5 users.

Thanks ...Michael

Re: SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

Hello Michael,

The approx. time-frame for the release of SP26 (with the new Client 2008 software) is around 3 months after the first release of SP25.

SP25 was release in December so SP26 should not take a long time anymore to be released.
** I must tell you that this is information that i received from HP, but i can't tell you if it's really going to be 3 months.

Then you also say: "I hope HP can continue to support their trusted HP SD 4.5 users."

I don't think how long their going to support the trusted HP SD 4.5 anymore. As soon as SM-7 is released and SD can be upgraded it's will be going fast.

From the first of January 2008 is also not possible anymore to log "enhancement request" for SD4.5 with HP. They will only fix bugs in the coming SP's for 4.5. So i think that it's a sign of what's coming.

So we just have to wait to see what the future brings, and until that time we just have to do it with the good old SD 4.5 :)

Re: SD Client 2008 on SD Server?

"Enhancement requests" for SD 4.5 haven't been accepted by HP for about a year now.

SM70 was released in november 2007, however the migration/upgrade tools are not ready yet.

It seems many SD4.5 users find SM7.0 very cluttered and wish to stick with SD for some time yet, as we do.

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