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SD Archive Calls problem

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SD Archive Calls problem

I was doing archieving for sample data.

1)View name : Pending call report
Original filter appiled in view : Status not equal to resolved or closed or void
Assignment to person equal to HPPSA.

while doing archiving i filter on the same view
2) filter : status equal to closed
Register created is between 19/12/05 00:00:00 to 19/12/05 23:59:59.

By default system had archieve the original view which was created i.e (1).

I want to revert this archiving . since all this call are open .

when i go Archieve call view in SD

I am getting the errror message.

Connected to server
"Your session on the server has timed out.Click OK to log on, then try again "

& when u click on OK button

" Successfully logged on to application server"
& whenu click on OK button

the view which is created will vanish from the drop down menu .

then again we will log-on u will get the view.

The system has archieve the data using view not by filter , I want to revert back..Pls do advice.
George M. Meneg
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Re: SD Archive Calls problem

Hello Daniel,

Well, what you've described is a bug. It happens here also, not only in the archive view but to any "heavy" view with a large number of items.

You have to modify the "Archive" view to add a filter not to bring all the items.

As I'm on vacation I cannot open a case to HP about that but when I got back I will do it pronto.

I first encountered it while tried to archive audit log. Due to this limitation I filter audit log to display only a period of 15 days. And I'm on December 2005 :(
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