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SD 64 Bit Client

Rory Emmans
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SD 64 Bit Client

I am looking to see what Client options if any exist for a 64Bit version that runs on Vista. I am currently running SD 4.5 SP25
Radovan Skolnik
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Re: SD 64 Bit Client


if it wasn't for a small detail I would say this is sort of misunderstanding on your side. SD as a whole is Java application - i.e. it is not dependent on CPU architecture (there are 8bit JVMs as well as 16bit as well as 32bit as well as 64bit and I think in a certain point of time we'll reach a 128bit mark as well).

So it should be possible to run SD client on any platform. Now it gets a bit more complicated: the old client uses MS JVM which is MS non-compliant JVM implementation of Java 1.1 standard. There only exists interpreter for 32bit Windows.

The new client was supposed to be pure Java. However HP used some platform-dependent calls that make it work only on Windows. It should be possible to run this version on 64bit Windows though (if not replacing 32bit Java runtime with 64bit runtime and appropriate Eclipse libraries should be enough). I tried to remove those dependencies and managed to get almost working client running on Linux (should work on any platform the same way). Things that do not work are underlined fonts (Windows specific)and some other minor stuff (captions on some bars). If anyone's interested in this, just write it here.

So your first choice would be Client 2008. If that doesn't work, replacing Java runtime in it together with Eclipse Win32 core (org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86_3.3.0.v3346.jar and org.eclipse.update.core.win32_3.2.100.v20070615.jar) should help. Then you can try my patched platform-independent version...