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SD 5.x Admin II

Fady Bassyouni
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SD 5.x Admin II

Dear All,

I am looking for material covering the contents of the course (UC3295) SD 5.x Admin II. I've already attended Admin I last year but unfortunately I can't find Admin II anywhere near me and I essentially need it during my work.
If some one has any usefull material about these items (other than the online manuals), kindly send them to me or post a reply on this thread.
my email:

This course should include the following items:
- Backing up, archiving and monitoring SD.
- Integrating SD with LDAP, Email, SD agents, Events
- Data exchange
- Service Level Management.

Good points are guaranteed :)

David R Baldwin
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Re: SD 5.x Admin II


I've been on the Admin 2 course - send me an email and I'll let you know what we did do and more importantly what we didn't manage to get to work!

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Re: SD 5.x Admin II

Hi Guys,

Am having a difficult time with SLM in SD 5.0. Could you please provide me some document, the one thats available online is not of much help. My email id is Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.

Ahmed ALi_2
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Re: SD 5.x Admin II

Sorry David,

Can i have this material too :)

my email:-