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SD 5 SLM Services that can be Measured

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SD 5 SLM Services that can be Measured


I need suggestions and advice. I have this requirement for configuring the following serivces and manage them using SLM.. AFAIK - SLM is used to measure Operations management Service and Business Service of "IT SERVICE TYPE". Please suggest if the following can be monitored and measured for availablity with SLM .

1) Desktop Service - This would be basically a service provided by IT helpdesk for non IT staff... the only way I would be able to measure this would be through SD Metric adapter with metrics like no of calls resolved within deadline for the SLA evaluvation period.

How about the following - >

2) Application service
3) Voice Service
4) Employee joining service
5) File Server service
6) Secure Access Service
7) Black Berry Service
8) Logistics Service
9) Project Service
10)Conference Service

My question is if Service Desk will be able to measure these services through SLM Module and can there be a realistic SLA configured for them ? IF SD is not the correct tool for this, can you please suggest a tool which would help for configuring the above services.

Points guranteed for every suggestion.