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SD 5.1 license vs SD 4.5 license

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Dusko Milosevic
Super Contributor.

SD 5.1 license vs SD 4.5 license

Hi all,

I have situation like this:
-working instalation of SD4.5 SP20
-some licenses we bought (as you know those are not cheap!)
-instalation disks for SD5.1
-more licenses for SD5.x
-knowledge that i can not do the upgrade because no one told me NOT to upgrade SP17...

Now I have to:

-install SD5.1, and implement all the licenses we bought. (I can do that, peace of cake :))
-install old licenses for SD4.5 on SD5, and I don`t know how to do it. Please advice. I tried with making a .dat file, but it does not work for me, or I am doing something wrong.


George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: SD 5.1 license vs SD 4.5 license

Hello Dusko,

OVSD 4.5 licenses are valid for OVSD 5 but there are in a different format but it is pretty easy to convert to the new format.

On OVSD 4.5, open administrator console and go to license. Double click to open.

Open your favorite text editor and do the following:

From OVSD window copy License Key and paste it on the editor. In the same line, leave an empty space and paste the annotation line enclosed in double quotes.

Go to the start of line and split the license key in group of four characters.

For example

if the license key is
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEF and the annotation HP OpenView Service Desk 4.x Helpdesk Management

your text file should be like this

ABCD EFGH IJKL MNOP QRST UVWX YZAB CDEF "HP OpenView Service Desk 4.x Helpdesk Management"

Paste using this way all your licenses and at the end leave an empty line. Save the file as "License.dat"

Now, run the HP OpenView Service Desk Licensing, select "Install/Restore License Key from File" and browse for License.dat.
menes fhtagn
Dusko Milosevic
Super Contributor.

Re: SD 5.1 license vs SD 4.5 license

Ease as that!