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SD 5.1 important questions

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SD 5.1 important questions

Hi All,

I have SD5.1 patch1 intalled on windows 2003 sp1
1- Is there open with to open a service call in a specific form (not new ones already existing sc)

2- i am getting a java error when i use the wait for workorder completion (the field that is used in order to close the WO before closing the SC)anyone got this issue if not is there a workaround to solve this

3- using a filter in the service today in order not to show the closed status is not working any hint about this

Fady Bassyouni
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Re: SD 5.1 important questions

For question 3:

Try changing the view to "All your tasks (combination)"
right click the "your assigned items" for example >> filters >> Advanced
you are supposed to find the filter:
[Status(service today);state not equal to Closed]
Service today views should only show the items assigned to you and your workgroup (you can find this in more choices).

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Re: SD 5.1 important questions


I tried this and this is not working other fields are giving the correct output but for the status (service today status) this is not affecting my view

any information concerning the other issue ?

Regards ;
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Re: SD 5.1 important questions

HI +,

point 1) yes there is a way to open a SC in any form. To do this.. click on Service call tab -> click on the down arrow button next to the New button -> go right to the bottom of the list... wallah.. you see the Choose Form option.

2) Java error.. mmm... not new with SD but i didnt face it.

not sure of the 3rd one

Ruth Porter
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Re: SD 5.1 important questions

Hi there,

Question 1:
For existing calls - use Ctrl+M or Edit>Choose form

Question 3:
Soemtimes the filter is Actual Finish is empty and for this to work, it depends on you having logic which sets Actual finish when the status reaches the relevant value.

Hope this helps