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SD 5.1 backup and restore.

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Fady Bassyouni
Respected Contributor.

SD 5.1 backup and restore.

Dear All,

I am having this problem that seems to be common with many SD users. I simply need to backup my SD database in order to restore it on a new installation of SD (to be used in case of system failures for example) but as you know it is not as simple as using the SQL Backup/Restore utility.
I am using SD 5.1 patch 7, SQL 2000 SP4 on windows server 2003 SP1.
The problem appears to be with giving ownership of the DB to the new SQL account instead of the old account.
I tried the following steps as advised by a friend but i still unable to connect to the DB and the owner didn't change!:

1-Run ovc -kill
2-start sql server and create a db and restore dump from other machine
3-now run these two scripts against the DB (they make the db owner SA and they link the dbuser to a login):

•exec sp_changedbowner 'sa'

•sp_change_users_login ‘update_one’, ‘’,’

4-Run ovc –start

Can anyone tell me the correct steps of doing this task from your experience? or any hints that might be useful.


Fady Bassyouni
Respected Contributor.

Re: SD 5.1 backup and restore.

I am waiting for your contributions, good points for every valid suggestion!

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Re: SD 5.1 backup and restore.

Hi Fady,

take a look at this document, it might help you with your restore using MS SQL.

Hope it helps you!

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager
Fady Bassyouni
Respected Contributor.

Re: SD 5.1 backup and restore.

thank you Err, it seems like a very good document and it is relative to the problem. i'll test and get back to you with the results.