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SD 5.1 Webstart Client problem with SSO

Chris Terzian
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SD 5.1 Webstart Client problem with SSO

We are using SSO with SD 5.1. We have been testing the webstart client which is working in most cases, however, in some cases the user gets the error:

Login Failed: Incorrect username or password was provided.

We have confirmed that their app account is setup correctly and that they are logged in to our domain on their workstation with the AD account that matches their app account. I have tried removing and re-adding their workstation to the domain, verifying they have the latest version of java installed, etc, but the problem prevails.

Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?
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Re: SD 5.1 Webstart Client problem with SSO

If this only happens to 1 client, try clearing the webstart cache.
webstart - C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\HP OpenView\webstart\localhost\Application Data\HP OpenView\data\obs

If it happens to different clients at different times, check your system logs if it has the license issue where the concurrent license count = -1.