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SD 5.1 - Services used by caller

Tom Hag
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SD 5.1 - Services used by caller

I have created several services. They have SLA related and the SLA is related to an organization.

All persons in my SD database is member of this organization.

When I create a Service Call and click on Quick Find for services the default view is "Services used by caller" and nothing is visible.

If I manually select "Services used by caller organization hierarchy" I get an overview of the services which has got an SLA related. This is the list I would like the user to be able to select from.

My question is:
1. Why do I not see services related to the callers organization when I click on Quick Find - I think you did this in SD 4.5

2. Is it possible to change default Quick Find from "Services used by caller" to "Services used by caller organization hierarchy"
Ruth Porter
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Re: SD 5.1 - Services used by caller

Hi Thomas,

In version 5 there is a setting you ned to set in system settings; go to OV Config?System settings>Service and SLA retrieval Settings for Service call.

Then set the strategy you want to follow

Hope this helps

Gerry Allardice
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Re: SD 5.1 - Services used by caller

Reply I have from HP on this same issue I think. They didnot accept it as a fault and reject it as an enhancement request. Basically saying Quick find default is Services Assigned to Person and they are not going to change it.

Dear HP OpenView Customer,
Thank you very much for your participation in helping us to improve our products. We received your suggestion on how we can improve our product, ID QXCR1000369804: "SD does not Resolve Services and SLAs assigned to the caller's organisation."

Our product team has reviewed your request and, regrettably, we will not be able to make the requested change to the product. To view a detailed description of our review,

(To view this document, you will need to login to HP Software Support Online via HP Passport, and have a valid support contract in your HP Passport profile. If you donâ t have a user profile please go to and create a profile. Once the profile is created please go to to add a system handle or SAID to your profile.)

If you would like to access additional support information about HP OpenView Management Software products and services, please visit HP Software Support Online at

Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention. If you have any questions or feedback concerning this process, please e-mail

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