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SD 5.1 SP6 Windows Migration (ORA 9i)

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SD 5.1 SP6 Windows Migration (ORA 9i)

This is the scenario:

1 Live Environment
1 QA & Development Scenario

I want to do the following in order to make the migration painless:

1.- Extract al data "Tickets, Problems, etc." from Live environment with a data exchange.
2.- Development Scenario will be the valid configuration scenario and i can restore a .DMP from QA&Dev to Production.
3.- After the restore of the .DMP i want to import all the data exported through data exchange.

Here's the question: Could i presever all the relationship and IDs of the data imported? Or the relationship and ID could change. Assume i'll have the DB in live environment EMPTY of data.

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Re: SD 5.1 SP6 Windows Migration (ORA 9i)

Inserting records via a Data Exchange task is like creating tickets from a script. There simply is no way you can specify the ID. At most, you could keep the ID in the Source ID field, which you can use to import relationships based on the Source ID once the independent items have been imported.

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