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SD 5.1 SP1 attachment folderstructure changed

Sam De Coster
Honored Contributor.

SD 5.1 SP1 attachment folderstructure changed


Apparently, the attachment folder structure changed in SD 5.1 SP1 but didn’t find anything of this in the release notes. This should be transparent for the users because when opening an old attachment it is automatically copied to the new location and the link is updated.

But this doesn’t seem to work. The new attachment are created in the new location but when we try to open an existing attachment the first time we get a FilenotFound java error for the old location and the second time we try an empty file is opened. When we have a look at the attachment server the files are still in the old location.

In the logfile we get the following error:

Feb 27, 2007 3:31:31 PM;47;13;com.hp.ov.obs.impl.attachments.ftp;INFO;Migrating attachment from ./Servicecall/214392975842149642/199756292067057765 to ./Servicecall/303/030/303/030/303/02d/303/030/302/d30/30/00000000-0000-0000-02c5-ad4a0e4e6065
Feb 27, 2007 3:31:31 PM;48;13;com.hp.ov.obs.impl.attachments.ftp;WARNING;Error migrating attachment from ./Servicecall/214392975842149642/199756292067057765 to ./Servicecall/303/030/303/030/303/02d/303/030/302/d30/30/00000000-0000-0000-02c5-ad4a0e4e6065: FTP-error: 503 Bad sequence of commands.

Anyone an idea how this can be solved?

Thanks in advance