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SD 5.1 SLM

Sam De Coster
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SD 5.1 SLM


I'm currently implementing SLM in SD 5.1 and have the impression that the vision of HP is very service oriented and not Customer oriented.

One thing where this is really obvious is the Service Metric Status. This can be made SLA and Organization specific but never less it is calculated and has influence on each SLA, which is linked to the service. This means that if several customers you cannot set different objectives or that measures of one customer receive a service doesn't influence SLA's from another customer.

Do I miss something? Is there a way to make the service metric status customer specific?

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Re: SD 5.1 SLM

If you use the folder concept to divide the customers for the different SLA, would you have different sets of SLA's for each of the folders?

I'm almost certain that in the Admin II training class we set up different SLA levels that we associated with different customers, but then attached them to the same service. In effect, you get what you pay for as far as the service level to customer relationship it concerned. Am I missing the point here?