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SD 5.1 P1 & 3 Installation error (Integrity checker)


SD 5.1 P1 & 3 Installation error (Integrity checker)


When we install SD 5.1 P1 or P3 we get the following error:

WARN : Finalize action warning.
Finalize action for package HPOvSdSnp 5.10.102 (HP OpenView Service Desk Snapshot) (Run integrity checker) was not successful.

The installation continues and afterwards everything seems to run OK but it's always good to understand the errors you get.

It's a clean installation on an empty DB.

Best regards

Super Collector

Re: SD 5.1 P1 & 3 Installation error (Integrity checker)

Hi Sam,

I had the same error, but for P2 in a SQL server 2005 installation. Don't know what is your base installation, it would be good to know.

I'm not sure, but i think that the HPOvSdSnp is the one that installs the database structure, besides, it seems SD uses several methods of installation. So HPOvSdSnp is successfully installed in the subsecuent processes.

Hope this helps


Re: SD 5.1 P1 & 3 Installation error (Integrity checker)

Hi Osbert,

Thanks for the information.

We tried SD 5.1 P1 & 3 on a windows server 2003 SP2 on a Oracle DB.

HPOvSdSnp installs a DB snapshot. It seems that it's linked to the creation of the DB bacause we don't have the error when we upgrade a DB. So maybe he tries to do an integrity test on the empty DB which fails.

Best regards

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