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SD 5.1 Missing values when using webapi

Pontus Sjöö
Regular Contributor.

SD 5.1 Missing values when using webapi

We've created a new interface to use when reporting service calls aswell as checking up on your old service calls.

One function gives the user the ability to attempt to close an open case. This is carried out through 2 custom fields, one that flags the case as maybe solved, and one field filling out a possible solution.

If both of these fields are filled then the status of the service call is set to a new custom status "solved by customer" and marked for service desk to investigate.

However, while listing these service calls all values for fields are shown (like category) but when a case is opened some fields are blank. No value is returned from service desk api at all. Changing the status of the service call inside service desk makes the values repopulate on the webpage.

The output from SD is a blank value, but only in certain statuses. Do anyone know whats going on?

I saw another post on this forum talking about the same problem, however with no solution.