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SD 5.1 + Language export

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SD 5.1 + Language export


I have translated Service Pages interface to my native languge. Firstly - I added my language in system settings, then I translated required label texts fields, message texts, code texts and some jsp files.

My question would be: how can I export those settings to move it to my client's server ?? I am trying Configuration Exchange, but can not find solution..

any ideas??

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Mike Bush
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Re: SD 5.1 + Language export

This is exactly what Configuration Exchange (ACES as was) should support, unfortunately the filters in 5.1 do not extend to Presentation, Localized Text, Labels (or any other texts).

Please speak to HP about this deficiency.
Raman Shcharbak
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Re: SD 5.1 + Language export

you can select all your localized text from *_locale* tables directly from DB using where clause containing condition that checks for language id