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SD 5.0 in Spanish?

Munir E. Mahoma
New Member.

SD 5.0 in Spanish?

Hi, I was reading the document sd_45_50_differences_guide.pdf from HP Manuals and in the Localization titles says that SD 5.0 has been translated to some languages including Spanish.

On SD 4.5 I installed the Localized Patch to change the interface and Database views to Spanish Language.

Where can I download the Spanish Interface for SD 5.0?



Gyula Matics_1
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: SD 5.0 in Spanish?

I was told by hp that SP1 will include the localizations packs. But there is no official release of SP1 yet, and the version that some people got does not have localization packs. There is no word of an official release date yet.