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SD 5.0 console hangs after providing login credentials

Ashish Shivade
Occasional Advisor

SD 5.0 console hangs after providing login credentials

We have SD 5.0 SP1 installed on Windows 2003 standard server with SP1. Database is MS SQL running on different WIN2K3 server.

After installing the setup it was working well for last 4 months. Suddenly, since last friday, SD console started giving trouble.

The problem is after putting login credentiala, console just hangs. It does not report any error in any of the log files. We tried generating traces for the same. But no error in traces as well.

The latest updates on the entire network happened previous night i.e. on thursday. These updates were New virus definition for McAfee.

We have two laptops on which are not updated with these new definition. From these laptops we can open the SD console and connect to SD server. We tried uninstalling the Antivirus from one of the problematic system, but even then the result is same.

Any help to resolve this issue is appriciated.
Also would like to know, when any virus patch update happens whether it modifies the system registry.


Honored Contributor

Re: SD 5.0 console hangs after providing login credentials

Hi Ashish,

Did you try reinstalling SD client on the problematic system where you uninstalled the Antivirus ?
If you are right about the registry conflict, you may need to reinstall the client to get the registry back to the state before Antivirus installation.
Ashish Shivade
Occasional Advisor

Re: SD 5.0 console hangs after providing login credentials


It is not only Client problem but thru web start console also you cannot connect to server.

We tried formatting one system and installing the client on it. And this worked.

So it seems that it is related to some Windows hotfix. Latest hotfix applied is KB922616. If anybody have come across such issue, then request updates from them.

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