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SD 5.0 - Slow

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SD 5.0 - Slow

Hi, I've just installed SD v5.0, and I think it's really slow... Anyone else with that experience? I'm used to 4.5, and there were no problems there. Anything I can do to speed things up? Specially the "new servicecall" feature is evry slow..

Naveen Jaiswal
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Re: SD 5.0 - Slow

Hi Obscurr,

The SD 5.0 is resource hungry and requires much better resources than SD 4.5. But if you have a good processor 1 GB RAM with 2 GB swap the performance should not be bad. Again this depends on how many open tickets you have which view you are accessing and so on. I would recommend atleast 2 GB RAM for the SD 5.0 if you have the database on the same machine.

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