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SD 5.0 SQL Table Question for servicecall status

Thorfinn Thomas
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SD 5.0 SQL Table Question for servicecall status


I am trying to map tables into crystal reports for reporting, but when I try to figure out the mapping of Servicecall Status, I hit my head against a brick wall.

The status column for servicecalls, [hpovsa_data.sd_servicecall.ser_sta_oid], seems to match [hpovsa_data.rep_codes_text.rct_rcd_oid].

The only trouble is, I find several instances of the same value in rct_rcd_oid.
My first thought was that it was dependent on language, since we are using norwegian. The status codes (the predefined ones) have been translated from english to norwegian, plus we have added some new ones as well.

The translated ones come in four - two in english (For instance 'New' in rct_name) and two in norwegian (for instance 'Ny' in rct_name). The odd thing is that for each pair there is one with rct_lng_oid=1033, and one with rct_lng_oid=212... (=norwegian language pack). The new ones (added after installation) have one for each language pack (both with the same norwegian text).

The new ones I can select using the languagepack as an extra criteria, but whatever the odd logic is, I can't seem to find any criteria to select only one of the four where there's four with the same code.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thorfinn Thomassen
Ruth Porter
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Re: SD 5.0 SQL Table Question for servicecall status

Hi Thorfinn,

We generally would recommend generating database views and using those for reporting as this should avoid this kind of problem.

Go to System Settings>Report Settings and do (re)generate databse views for reporting.

Hope this helps, Ruth
Thorfinn Thomas
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Re: SD 5.0 SQL Table Question for servicecall status

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for your reply.
However, this is the way we have been making reports up until now, but we're not happy with this solution, as it involves manual formatting of the report each time.

I know I can create a "false" table with the status reference and name (text), and crossrerference with that one to solve my trouble. But I would very much like to know how the status is cross-referenced in the Servicedesk application to be able to solve this natively, so to speak.