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SD 5.0 SLM/Services/OVSD Metric

Pawel Bartusch
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SD 5.0 SLM/Services/OVSD Metric

I’m trying to implement a simple service in SD 5.0. I got a service definition in place and a service created using the definition. The service is extremely simple, consisting of just on CI. The SLA is defined and connected to the service and everything seems fine but I got some serious problems making OVSD metrics to work.
I got “Percentage of calls resolved within deadline / Service calls” metric connected to the service. The problem is that the objective status, compliance status and predictive compliance status are shown as “Not Yet Computed”. I was running pre-run for this metric but it didn’t help. The metric status is “initialized, first metric collection has not taken place”.

The general idea was to create services associated with group of servers and set up policies for some routine maintenance actions that would be triggered via service calls. I wanted the policies to be expressed in terms of service calls deadlines etc. So say the need is to change some parameter on the server for which the policy defines that change should be implemented in 2 days. The requestor would issue a service call choosing a configuration item that would be connected with a service. I wanted the service to reassemble execution of service calls via OVSD metrics.

What am I doing wrong? Is the whole concept screwed ?


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Re: SD 5.0 SLM/Services/OVSD Metric

Hi Pazel,

you have to wait the end of "evaluation period" definied in SLA.