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SD 5.0 Localization (Import) question.

Serge Medvedev_1
Valued Contributor.

SD 5.0 Localization (Import) question.

Hi All!

Can somebody consalt me about import mapping in SD 5.0?

I made Export to blabla.xml form - UIF_BROWSER_NADE_NAME and try to make Import.

I made Import Mapping but when i try Import i got error:
Processing UIF_BROWSER_NODE_NAME (id = 1)
Referenced Item not found OID: 230149360884482753
While processing UIF_BROWSER_NODE_NAME (id = 1):
com.hp.ov.obs.impl.ext.ExternalException: You are not allowed to insert this browser node name

at com.hp.ov.obs.impl.ext.AppExternalAccess.getMessage(

OID inside import mapping is Localizabled Items/Entity OID.

I think problem is inside import mapping but i don`t understand which type of problem i have.

Jasper Verweij
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: SD 5.0 Localization (Import) question.

AFAIK localization of SD5 is not possible yet via import mapping. With SP1 Asian languages might be provided.

Serge Medvedev_1
Valued Contributor.

Re: SD 5.0 Localization (Import) question.

bad! :(
tool is but don`t work

i try to find menu and toolbox localized text - there is no sets for it :(