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SD 5.0 Install Error

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SD 5.0 Install Error

We would like to install version 5.0 for evaluation. We are getting an error part way through and the installation terminates. We can't find anything indicating why it is failing.

The error is:---
OvInstaller Failure installing : package HPOvObsCo 1.00.349 (HP OpenView Object Server Common Package)---

Any idea what is causing this? We are installing on Windows Server 2003 with a local install of SQL2000 - SP4.
What is your process?
Rubem Andrade
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Re: SD 5.0 Install Error

Hi Kcarson.

I have a similar problem but using Win2K-SP4.
Are you trying to install the SD 5.0 SP1 ?
If no , pls try that. If yes, try to reinstall then set the option "Force repair of already installed component packages" in the appropriate field.
Pay attention to the statement written in the installation manual : Install the database in a separate server.
Good luck.