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SD 5.0 Annoyances.


SD 5.0 Annoyances.

Hi all,

I'd like to start a thread, similar to the old SD 4.5 "wishlist" thread that covers SD 5.0. Yes, I know its an very recent product, but there are a few things in there that don't seem to be quite as good as they were in SD 4.5

I would like to qualify that last statement a little - on the whole SD 5.0 is excellent. Map views are the answer to many a users prayers, combination views provide much better "at a glance" indications of service and there are many many other things that are excellent too.

It's the little things that aren't there that I'm thinking of. If anyone finds any more, feel free to add them to this thread. Also, if any of them are down to misunderstanding, feel free to correct them.


Dave Collier.

Re: SD 5.0 Annoyances.


1. I can't seem to cut 'n' paste a chart into Excel any more. It just doesn't seem to do it.

2. The "print" option for Combination views is greyed out - so I can't print them. Nor can they be exported to a graphics file.

3. The degree of manipulation of chart views is a lot less than in SD 4.5. Fonts can't be changed, values can't be displayed on the bars / pie segments (OK you can hover over the bar and see it, but its not permanently displayed.

4. The useful "format" of an attribute can't be changed anymore - dates on views are displayed according to the date / time settings. On a table view I want to see "dd/mm/yy :mm", yet I seem to be limited to the much longer "February 2 2006 13:45:07 PM" display - this makes grouping on dates very difficult !

5. I can't seem to be able to change individual colours on a chart. When I display a chart of calls by priority, I want the "Priority 1" bar to be in Red, Priority 2 in Yellow etc etc. At the moment, Priority 4 is in Red and I can't seem to change it.

Re: SD 5.0 Annoyances.


1. Why can't I simply drag a field off the form if I decide I don't need it ? I have to select it, right click and delete.

2. If I want to move a field from the left hand pane of a form to a tab on the right, again I have to delete it and re-add it.

Re: SD 5.0 Annoyances.

VIEWS (part II)

1. The field "DEADLINE" (or any date field) can only be compared to absolute dates. If I want to see all fields where Deadline is in the past, I want to filter based on "today". I can only filter on or before a given date, in the past month, etc etc.
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