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SD 4.5 inbound email - through exchange

Joseph Madden
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SD 4.5 inbound email - through exchange


There must be a simple answer to this question, but what do I need to do on the MS exchange side to get inbound email outside of my domain to 'route' my sd server.

I want to use and have it forward to

Using exchange 2003, sd 4.5 SP19

The AG, and updated consolidated addendum didn't really give me much help on 'to-do' for exchange.

Hopefully someone has a simple set of steps.

Thank you for the consideration.


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Re: SD 4.5 inbound email - through exchange

Hi Joe,

there are several threads explaining how to do this in this forum, although the solution that you are looking might be to configure a connector in exchange which can route mails for to your Service Desk server.

Here are the steps to configure a connector in exchange:

1. Open Exchange System Manager (ESM) console and navigate to the Connectors Container.
Note: If you can't see the Administrative Groups you have to go into the properties of the Exchange Organization object and enable the view of Administrative Groups and Routing Groups.

2. In the Context Menu of the Connector Container click New SMTP Connector.
3. Give a name (ex: Exchange to Servicedesk)
4. Select "Use DNS to route to each address space on this connector".
5. Select "Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts" and enter service desk server's FQDN (i.e.
Note: If you want to specify IP then IP address of the Smart Host must be specified in Brackets (this prevents Exchange from trying to resolve the IP Address with DNS).
6. In Address Space for the SMTP Connector select address Space type as SMTP and in Address field specify Service desk server's FQDN i.e.
7. In Connector scope select "routing group" for connector scope, and check "Allow messages to be relayed to these domains".
8. In content restriction page uncheck System Messages.

Then create in the Active Directory a CONTACT that has the address AND with the second one set as the primary SMTP address.

Exchange will then accept email to and will forward them to

Hope this helps..

Randall Barrantes
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Joseph Madden
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Re: SD 4.5 inbound email - through exchange

Randall - I appreciate the information - we have set it up per your directions.

We get the to got to the exchange mailbox - but it would appear not to forward to the sd server.

we test that we can get to the sd server from the exchange server - telnet - that works - the sd server shows the log file that it received the email.

It seems like it is 'stuck' in exchange - any debug ideas or other tips?

Thanks again for taking the time.

Raman Shcharbak
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Re: SD 4.5 inbound email - through exchange

Joseph, Give some points to RandallB as he offered almoast complete instruction but the one thing - exchange contact has only one address. So you can choose the contact from addressbook and send e-mail directly to SD server. If you want to route e-mail from internet to SD, so you have to create some account with address and in its exchange properties configure Forward all mail to [Created earlier contact or address]. Exchange connector will do its routing function. As another way to route mail - you can add MX record for dns zone pointing to your sd server (do it on DNS server that is used by your exchange)

Good luck