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SD 4.5 backup


SD 4.5 backup

i am very new to SD. Can someone guide me on how to backup SD data? i am using sql 2000.
shall i make the backup in sql server or is there any features in SD providing backup function?
Ramaprasad N
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SD 4.5 backup

SD is having it's own backup mechanism. You have execute the '$SD_SERVER_HOME/bin/sd_dbconfwizard -internal' from a command/DOS window. This will bring up a GUI, which is self explanatory. However, thsi method is not recommended for backing up production databases.

You can use the SQL server backup mechanisms to backup the SD database.

Ashly A K
Honored Contributor

Re: SD 4.5 backup


The best way is to take the back of the database.

You can use the SQL itself for the same and move the backup file to another location/DLT.


Re: SD 4.5 backup

use the back up functionalilty in SQL, this more easy, really fast and you are sure that you have everything.
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Re: SD 4.5 backup

Thanks alot for your help.
I will try on that.:)
Ashly A K
Honored Contributor

Re: SD 4.5 backup

You can sechedule the back up job, so that it get automated for everyday/week or anyway you want.

Doing a re-store of the back up once in a month or once in 6 months is also a greate idea. so that, there won't be any surprices when there is an issue.



Ps: thanks for any point ;)
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