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SD 4.5 (SP21)

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SD 4.5 (SP21)


We have a problem, when users make for attachment “PrtScr” and paste it to e-mail body (using Lotus Notes 7)
We receive new Service Call without attachment (picture)
We are using SD4.5. (SP21)

Mike Bush
Honored Contributor

Re: SD 4.5 (SP21)

You should check LOGSERVER.TXT to see if errors are reported. Are you suggesting that other types of attachment are OK?
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: SD 4.5 (SP21)


In Notes 7 is "pasting" the image into the e-mail the same as importing the image. This is not that same as making an attachment.

If the user "attaches" the image to the mail and then sends it to OVSD does that work?
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Re: SD 4.5 (SP21)


Yes, other types of attachments are ok.


I`ll turn it to our Lotus admins :)

Thank you!
Raman Shcharbak
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Re: SD 4.5 (SP21)

As i think pasted into a mail body picture is just a content of HTML message and is not treated as attachement when parsed by SD (it just only extracts text omitting all markup). But i am not shure..
As Mark said you have to attach the picture as a file
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Re: SD 4.5 (SP21)

Hi, Roman

The thing is that users have got used to copy (picture like an attachment) in such a way. :)

We implementing HPOVSD since April 2007,

The easiest way for us is to advise make attachments like (PrtScrit > Copy to File and then save it and send it) to our users.

Anyway thank you.
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