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SD 4.5 SP 18 Inbound Email Role

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SD 4.5 SP 18 Inbound Email Role

I am setting up Folder Entitlements and I would like to restrict Inbound Email from updating a Service Call once it is assigned to the Folder.

What Role is used by Service Desk when an inbound E-mail is sent?

Mike Bush
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Re: SD 4.5 SP 18 Inbound Email Role

This is a tricky one. Where the PERSON has no account then the SYSTEM role is applied and you will not get any Folder restriction. We've had a whole series of issues with PERSON records which DO have an account because then some SP cause this role to be applied with bad effects, not sure which SP changed this.

Your best bet is to assume that you WON'T get folder restriction on inbound email and tacknle this another way.