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SD 4.5 Incoming Mail "No such user"

Felix Demetz
Super Collector

SD 4.5 Incoming Mail "No such user"

Hello to all,

we are trying to deal with incoming mails. The incoming mails should open an new call or modify existing calls. For test reasons I took a simple tool which creates a mail and sends it via SMTP.

For the Hostname I took the name of your SD-Server (HAM-SDP1) and Port 25.

I always get the reply "No such user here".

What did we made wrong? Does anyone have an Idea?
Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: SD 4.5 Incoming Mail "No such user"


You have perhaps configured OVSD to accept email only from persons defined in the Person table, but you are sending email from someone with an email address not in that table.

Or you have the same email address twice in that table. It must be unique.

Felix Demetz
Super Collector

Re: SD 4.5 Incoming Mail "No such user"

Hello Josh,

thanks for your reply.
According to the manual I have configured SD that it should accept Mail from everyone.

But I still get the message "No such user". Strange, isn't it?

Is it O.K. to deliever the mails via smtp to the server name?

- Felix -
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event