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SD 4.5 Incoming E-Mails

Felix Demetz
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SD 4.5 Incoming E-Mails


we are using SD 4.5 SP20 and having serious problems with incoming E-Mails.

Due to security reasons etc. we are not able to use a connector or a mail gateway to deliever incoming Mails to our Servicedesk Server.

Are there any other possibilities how to deal with incoming E-Mails? We were thinking of a Pop3 Downloader with looks in the Echange mailbox, taking the new mails and then deliever them to the service desk server.

Will that be a possibility? Has anyone already tried this and perhaps can recommend a stable running and cheap software?

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Felix Demetz
Robert S. Falko
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Re: SD 4.5 Incoming E-Mails


If your security rules state that no mail may be forwarded, and then you have a completely legitimate reason for forwarding mail, then you have a classic case of security policy making it impossible to work. In most organizations, being able to work, as well as ensuring confidentiality, are both requirements. It makes no sense to have one without the other.

Given that the world oftens makes no sense, and that your security people will accept that mail will be polled and downloaded and then forwarded (which is the exact equivalent of just forwarding it, with a 100 times the fuss) you might consider using telnet scripts as a way of taking the messages downloaded from your mail server and sending them on to the OVSD server. I have never heard of any software that does this, but it shouldn't be too hard to build a script to do so.

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