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SD 4.5 Client 2008 short-comings...

Michael Daly_2
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SD 4.5 Client 2008 short-comings...

We have a user that does a LOT of work with SD 4.5 (SP-25). We installed the new Client 2008 onto his PC for him to try but it has some short-comings that the old SD 4.5 client did better, and we want to know if there are work-arounds, or anybody else have the same problems?

I should mention this guy works VERY fast and uses the keyboard in preference to the mouse.

1. Open a Service Call and press the [Tab] key. The Advanced Find key is adjacent to the right of some fields, and you can click it with your mouse, but pressing the [Tab] key doesn't 'stop' at the [Advanced Find] key for that field. Why NOT?

2. If you back Tab to the toolbar drop-down list of available Templates for say a Service Call, you can press the [F4] key to display the drop-down list, but if you use the [down] or [up] arrow keys to move through this drop-down list - as soon as you move ONE item in the list, it updates to that list option and the drop-down list disappears. This only happens in the Client 2008 and not in the old client. Is this a bug?

I have tried the new SP-26 upgrade on our test system, and although they have fixed some problems, there still seems to be some 'user' issues, particularly if you are a heavy keyboard user.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions/experiences on these Client 2008 issues.


Michael Daly
23 May 2008