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SC escalation rule

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SC escalation rule

Hi all,

I am using SD5.0. I need to escalate my service calls based on some conditions.

First condition, Mr A from network support is assigned with SC1. However, Mr A is not in the office today, therefore, i need SD to automatically assign this SC1 to other member of his group so that SLA will not be violated.

I tried to change the status of the person to inactive/retired, but when i select the quick find for Person in SC, the record of the inactive person still exists.

Second condition, for example, my network support consists of 5 members. 4 of 5 members are assigned with ONE ticket. When the next ticket comes in, can the system automatically assign the ticket to the member that has no ticket assigned? how to achieve this?

Can someone guide me on this?
Your help is much apprecited.

Ramaprasad N
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Re: SC escalation rule

You have to block the person record (Check the box for 'Blocked') in order to hide it from the available list of persons. You can write a UI rule to automatically change the status to Inactive, when the person record is blocked.