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Roles and profile

I use SM9.2


How can I make operator just see the incident assigned to his assignment group and not able to see any other groups assingment incidents?  

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Re: Roles and profile

One way to accomplish this:


Define an scmandant query:

Name: AssignedToGroup

Table: probsummary

Query: assignment isin $    (It may be "assignment in $file"-not sure)


Then, for any operator for whom you want this restriction to apply, put "AssignedToGroup" in the Security Groups list in their operator record.

Vadim Gorda
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Re: Roles and profile



You cna also activate folder entitlement to  use it for right restriction.


Not sure for both my and Johns suggestion if operator wont be able to view the rest incidents with search but he wont be able to update them for sure.

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Re: Roles and profile

thanks for you replay


i try this but it dosn't work


what i want to do i don't want attached be be avaliable to operators

John Stagaman
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Re: Roles and profile

I created a similar filter and updated the operator record of a user adding the Security Group ID to the Security Groups list. The example query is attached.


At their next login, the mandanten filter was applied, HOWEVER, there were problems with views with groupings:

  • For example, for the two assignment groups the user should see, the groups were listed in the "All Open incidents" view, but the record count was incorrect, showing 0. In webtier, the user could expand and still see the tickets assigned to the group. In the Windows client, the user could not expand the groups. (DEFECT--see attached screen capture)
  • However, if the user selected the view "Open Incidents assigned to my group", the records displayed correctly.
  • Also, if the user searched for Incidents, the Mandanten filter was correctly applied, and records were displayed correctly.

There appears to be a defect with the Views grouping function as it relates to mandanten. I have not had a chance to look at the HP support site to see if there is a QCCR.

Binary release:

windows client 9.21.113

windows server 9.21.113

webtier 9.21.113

application version 9.21.001


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