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Rogue CI issue- HP OVSD 4.5 SD 20

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Rogue CI issue- HP OVSD 4.5 SD 20


In the past few days we have had an issue with a CI appearing to relate itself to Implementation Work Orders which themselves are related to a Change. Once the CI is related to the Implementation Work Order and the Change is set to "To be Approved" there is also an Approval Work Order created.

This incorrect relationship between the rogue CI and Implementation Work Orders has occured approximately 20 times. It also reported that this particular CI was showing up in the Advanced Find view for CI's after clicking on Add in an Implementation Work Order (when a user wanted to relate a CI to an Iplementation Work Order).

I have since blocked the CI in question and this has stopped the work orders being created but obviously it is only a temporary measure. No other CI's have caused the same issue.

I would be grateful on any feedback/sugegstions.


The Pike
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Re: Rogue CI issue- HP OVSD 4.5 SD 20

Stuff like that doesn't just happen in SD.
If you haven't done it already, take a look at:
- CI history lines
- server, sd_event, dataexchange logs
- any external programming

The Pike