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Restricting Workgroup view

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Restricting Workgroup view

Is it possible to only allow a workgroup to see/assign to one specific workgroup? I am using OpenView 4.5 and I am trying to have an outside group use our servicedesk but restrict how they handle their service tickets.

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Re: Restricting Workgroup view

Just been through this process.

Create a new workgroup view for them. with condition Name starts with XYZ, then then can only see or assign to that/those w/gs. (sys panel /presentation/views)

Also go into ROLES in security and add the view created above to the new role. And in role use the "when assigned to Users workgroup" for Service Calls

If you are on SD45 SP21 do not use ACES to migrate a role created with the "when assigned to user workgroup", as ACES corrupts it. IT is a bug with HP. There is a workaround, but my confidentce is not high with it.

I went further and created special views for them to limit PERSON, ORG etc. Workarounds etc when name etc starts with XYZ. you assign these new views by highlighting the ITEM in ROLE and hitting details, unassociate ither views and just give them the one which limits their views. (also ensure their role does not have ability to define/customise views.)

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