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Restrict ServiceDesk users on a Workstation

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Mario Brackeva
Super Contributor.

Restrict ServiceDesk users on a Workstation

ServiceDesk 4.5 SP24

We have created a user that is used for a helpdesk role. This user is used by the people sitting on the helpdesk, and is not personal.

Since people rotate between helpdesk role, 1st and 2nd line, the persons on the helpdesk workstations are not always the same. We want to restrict the use of the helpdesk user to just those few workstations.

Has anyone tried to restrict ServiceDesk users on a workstation? I should probably mention that these people are also responsible for desktop support, so they can achieve admin rights on all workstations.
Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Restrict ServiceDesk users on a Workstation

Hi Mario,

If you turn off the "Display Logon Screen On Startup" option on General settings this will mean that the account used for logon will be the one captured in Client account settings.

You could use this to force a specific account to be used on a specific workstation.

Hope this helps, Ruth
Mario Brackeva
Super Contributor.

Re: Restrict ServiceDesk users on a Workstation

Tx Ruth.

The solution is not 100% what I was looking for, but I guess this is as close as I can get.

The advantage is that users don't have to provide their password each time, something they have been bugging me about for a while now.