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Rescheduling scheduled task activities..

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Rescheduling scheduled task activities..

Hi All,

Am usind sd4.5 with SP23
I have moved application from one server to other application server with the different host name, ip address and with the different databse server. We have decommisioned the old server.

On new server i have ran rescheduling activity. i started this activity one day before. still rescheduling activity is going on.

I think it fall under loop, because people still accessing application raising requests and updating requests. so it is keep on rescheduling the schedule tasks which newly rescheduled.

Please suggest me what action can we take..

Thanks in Advance,
Mike Bush
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Re: Rescheduling scheduled task activities..

I don't believe it will loop - new scheduled tasks will be for the correct server and not need to be considered.

But - it does take a while on any system and it sounds as if you have a lot to process?

As long as your users are not complaining that performance is being drained then leave it.