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Reporting on Service Call tickets with attachments

Colleen Talbert

Reporting on Service Call tickets with attachments

Just seeing if anyone has tried this before...We have a customer who needs to forward 100s of tickets in a report (not gonna ask why), but they also need to send all the attachments associated with each ticket. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this??

We're using HPSD 4.5 SP17, by the way... Let me know if anyone has any bright ideas for this challenge!

George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Reporting on Service Call tickets with attachments

Hello Colleen,

References to attachments are stored on table "rep_attachments".

select * from rep_attachments where ahs_ent_oid=(select ent_oid from ifc_entities
where ent_name='Service Call')

will fetch all attachments to service calls.

Left outer join itsm_servicecalls with rep_atachments on on itsm_servicecalls.ser_oid=rep_attachments.ahs_att_oid to link service calls with attachments
menes fhtagn
Colleen Talbert

Re: Reporting on Service Call tickets with attachments

Unfortunately, the rep_attachments table doesn't help much because it only give the location where it was uploaded from. If the user trying to download all these attachments doesn't have access to that file location, he can't get to the attachments. Here's exactly what my user wants:

"I am specifically looking for any attachment associated with a problem records to be included as part of the output or at least possible so we can make a determination of whether it is feasible to pursue that option."

Can anyone help please?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event