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Reporting in HPOV 5

Mohan Dass
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Reporting in HPOV 5

How to obtain reports from HP OV 5 using crystal reports or is there a better way to do it.
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Re: Reporting in HPOV 5

There are many options for reporting:
1. Using views available on SD client GUI
2. Using External reporting tools like Crystal reports
3. Using report packs available with HP OV Performance insight.

In order to use crystal reports, you will have to first create/generate views. Views can be generated from system panel --> reporting tab.
Then connect using ODBC and design required report.
Steven Zimmerma
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Re: Reporting in HPOV 5


Indeed you have raised a very good question about a difficult issueâ ¦ reporting in Service Desk.

I work for Westbury USA. Our company provides add on solutions for Service Desk. One of our solutions(Service Desk Intelligence) is specifically geared towards retrieving useful data from the entire Service Desk environment. Service Desk Intelligence would best be classified as an external reporting option as Bhuvnesh has described.

Service Desk Intelligence is an out of the box solution that provides both reporting and dashboarding.
Reporting Feature: For the reporting side we use Business Objects (owner of Crystal Reports) technology coupled with pre-created Universes, Reports and added-value functions so that our customers do not have to understand the database backend. Additionally, when schema changes occur for servicepack release, we will provide updated reports and universes. Probably most important is the fact that you or colleagues can create reports on any field in Service Desk ad-hoc.
Dashboard Feather: For the dashboarding side we use Mirror42 technology and once again provide pre-created dashboards to address the majority of KPI requirements.

Should you be interested in more information about our solution specifically, I would suggest looking at our website