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Enkli Ylli
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Report Help

Hello to Everybody,

I have a question , I have to generate reports about service calls in a week I have also BO 5.1 installed but because the fields are very complicated. Anyone could help ?
Please !
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Report Help

Hi Enkli,

very basic but to get you going do the following to generate the views
Admin Console-System Panel-Report Settings- (Re)generate Database Views For Reporting
Ok to the warnings

Look for the following table in the database whch will have most of the service call attributes.


If it is simply to see all calls for a give week you can creat filter on a view showing all calls add the required fields that you need to report on and export the details to a spreadsheet. This can be done from the OVSD Gui.
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Report Help

Depends on what reports you want to generate. All the servica call data will be stored in ITSM_SERVICE_CALLS table. However, the category/classification/service/SLA/workgroup/caller/etc all these are related fields. You have to link multiple tables to generate reports on such categories. but if you want to report only the total number of calls per day, per week, etc, then only ITSM_SERVICE_CALLS would help.

TO generate reports on category/classification/etc, you have to link the ITSM_CODES, ITSM_CODES_TEXT with ITSM_SERVICE_CALLS. You can generate OVSD data dictionary to know more about the attributes and their relationships. Data dictionary can be generated from OVSD admin console --> System --> Report Settings --> Generate data dictionary.