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Reply-to? (Jasper...)

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Dwyane Everts_1
Acclaimed Contributor.

Reply-to? (Jasper...)

Jasper, or anyone...

In reference to this posting:

Any idea how to add a "reply-to."

I want all the e-mails to look like they came from our helpdesk.

David Borojevic
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Reply-to? (Jasper...)

Hi Dwayne,

Unfortunately for all of us Jasper is no longer a contributor as he no longer works with SD :-(

I am not sure but I doubt that the rundll32 will allow the reply to to be set - I think it will use the reply to from your mail client configuration, but you could try.

Consider using a business rule (if you haven't already considered it). You could have a custom field (audited) called "Email to Client", and have a rule:

Criteria - when Email to Client Changes and is not empty.

Actions -
1) sends an email to the client and puts "Email to Client" field in the body.
2) Second action in the rule clears the "Email to Client" field

If you audit the field then you have a copy of the email sent in the history - but you might want to change the history form to have the New Value field showing.

The email sent via the rule will have the reply to as confgured in the system panel.

Dwyane Everts_1
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Reply-to? (Jasper...)


I spoke to a friend of mine from Microsoft, and he basically said the same thing. He also mentioned using a web api, or manually setting the mail client with a "reply-to."

I think I'm going to submit an enhancement request for this functionality.

Thanks for your advice,